About us

Startups, entrepreneurs and self-starters are changing the world every day; we aspire to become a platform that organizes and makes their disruptive ideas seen and understood by everyone.

StartupTV is an innovative digital-first Video on Demand (VOD) platform that organizes entrepreneurial content for startups, entrepreneurs and self-starters. Inspired by entrepreneurs who want to change the world through technology, the platform enlightens its audience about the latest trends, news, inspirations as well as innovations in the entrepreneurship world.

Whether you need help in setting up your new venture or to learn about the latest tools to use in your entrepreneurial journey, we have got your back. We are bringing together small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and the entire startup ecosystem people to help you find and share business videos and advice, to make your business thrive.

If you're looking for worthwhile solutions to everyday problems in your startup and entrepreneurial life, StartupTV is the best place to be. Join for free and start browsing a tremendous range of industries, services, products and channels designed to help you get the most out of your new or expanding business. Through our regular contributors and prominent entrepreneurs, we add videos daily. So start watching, and get inspired!

The StartupTV platform was developed for the needs of small, startup and scaleup businesses; it is a place where entrepreneurs, startups and self-starters can find and broadcast the best services and products. Dedicated to the often overlooked and underexposed movers and shakers of the startup and entrepreneurship world, StartupTV is simple in theory and resourceful in practice; it's not only a website, but a modern medium for the African startup ecosystem.

The platform not only gives you a corona-defying opportunity to find the services and products to help your business survive, but also a unique chance to upload cost-effective promotional videos that will help your business thrive. You can see it as a YouTube of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs; somewhere to learn about startups before you buy, and conversely a place to bring your startup and small business into the spotlight.

StartupTV offers you an opportunity to be empowered, bringing the focus back to small and startup businesses in their hour of need. It's a revolutionary opportunity to gain the voice and profitability your business deserves. Start using the platform today, and join a community of entrepreneurs and self-starters who are, collectively, the lifeblood of the economy.